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Who We Are and Why Your Family Should Train Here

Since our opening nearly a decade ago as Absolute Taekwondo, we’ve dedicated ourselves to changing the lives of people – one person at a time – through martial arts, education, coaching and friendship. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere for all students and family members. At Absolute, we take pride in creating an environment for individuals to achieve, develop and succeed in all of their present and future goals.

We strongly believe that martial arts can be for everyone – all ages, genders, fitness levels or experience levels. Throughout each of our programs, students learn not only the necessary skills to protect themselves, but also the strategies to succeed in today’s complex and often conflicted world. We stand behind our realistic and practical approach, confident that it will enable every Absolute student to achieve greatness and live their best life.

Prepare To Succeed

How Your Child Will Benefit from Absolute Martial Arts

So Much More than Punches & Kicks

Martial arts is not just the discipline of self-defense and hand-to-hand combat. It’s a personal development system that we use to help kids become leaders. Hundreds of parents and teachers here in Wayne and the surrounding boros have been amazed by the incredible transformation that an Absolute Martial Arts student goes through.

Have Fun While Learning Respect, Discipline & Focus

We don’t have many rules here, but they’re rigorously enforced. As a result, kids learn strong, healthy boundaries – which are essential to helping them thrive. Discipline and respect flourish within just a few short weeks of training. This is why parents and teachers LOVE our programs.

Our Programs Prepare Your Child for Success in Life

Kids who train in martial arts have a higher success rate in school. Why? Because martial arts fosters discipline, focus, goal-setting and drive. We help instill these incredible traits in your child every time they come to class. This is just one quality that makes our training programs so powerful.


In Our Families’ Own Words

"Master Chris' compassion and leadership will truly inspire and motivate anyone who participates. This location is professionally organized, clean and well-equipped to ensure a safe place for anyone to train. This gym will exceed any expectation you may have in researching a martial art program for yourself or for kids. Stop in and see for yourself.”

    Emily Sade

    “Master Chris has the patience to handle a room full of crazy 5-6 year olds. He keeps them focused, working hard and always coming away with a smile on their faces. I have seen so much improvement in my son's development both mentally and physically."

      Jason Hofer – Parent & Student

      “Master Chris is the best! Our son loves going and is learning quickly. Chris is great with the kids. Motivating and fun, but still teaches them discipline.”

        Ninni M. – Parent

        "Master Chris is by far one of the best teachers I have ever come across. My son started two years ago and not only has advanced in belt rank, but his discipline, attention span and confidence have increased as well. I joined his adult class because of how well my son is doing."

          Chris S. – Parent & Student

          "Impressed from the second I walked in. Master Chris is great with the kids! Shows authority and discipline, but is also friendly and fun with them! My son enjoys going and has learned so much!”

            Jacqueline Koncen – Parent

            "Master Chris strikes the perfect balance of welcoming and authoritative in a room of excited children! Both my son and daughter attend and he has done wonders for their confidence and overall behavior! He is firm, but not mean. Tough, but not cold. Strict, but still kind. If you’re wondering if this will be a good fit for your child – it will be. Promise.”

              Jillian Reyes – Parent

              "We love Master Chris! He really builds confidence in his students. They learn so much! Joining Absolute Martial Arts was the best decision for my son!! Highly recommend!!! Also, during these trying times, Master Chris makes sure everything is clean and sanitized!”

                Pencil Fierce – Parent

                "Master Chris’ Absolute Martial Arts is an incredible place for kids to learn focus, discipline, physical fitness and respect. Master Chris is open and engaging and always has the best interests of each student as his primary concern. He has built a program that allows students to grow and become truly well rounded within an environment that is encouraging and fun.”

                  Marisol V. – Parent

                  "Master Chris is exceptional with his students of all ages. He is an inspirational mentor who shows and teaches respect. When I enrolled my son at 3 years old, he was so excited to see Master Chris for his class. Now, my son is almost 8 years old, almost a Black Belt and has the same enthusiasm for his training.”

                    Cara Lenas – Parent

                    "Master Chris’ Absolute Martial Arts is an incredible place for kids to learn not only a martial art, but also discipline, respect, physical fitness and more. Master Chris has created an environment for kids that is encouraging and fun. His leadership team works with the kids in small groups to reinforce the skills they learn each week."

                      Vincent Priore – Parent

                      "My son started at Absolute Martial Arts when he was 5 years old – he's now a blue belt! Master Chris is a great instructor, who is really good and patient with the kids! I can see my son feel so proud of himself when he moves to a new belt and I know it is beneficial for him to improve control and focus. My husband also takes the adult class and really enjoys it. It's a great workout!”

                        Alicia Macdonald Khamis – Parent

                        "Master Chris is a great instructor. He has taught my nephew and brother-in-law in the past. When my daughter became interested in taking classes, I lucked out as his school was next to my house. She is now a purple belt and still going. I would recommend this school to anyone. My daughter has gained confidence and is not shy since starting here.”

                          Stephanie Dabice – Parent

                          "My son started classes about a year ago and has loved Master Chris from day one. He keeps the attention of every child in the class. Master Chris has a great way with the kids. We are so glad to be a part of the Absolute family. Also, my son is VERY excited to be going to this year's summer camp.”

                            Joseph Catalano – Parent

                            "My son absolutely LOVES martial arts! He has so much excitement and enthusiasm attending each class. It's such a joy to watch him because his enthusiasm for this sport is so contagious. He's so much more confident in his abilities both at class and outside. Master Chris is a true leader with great strength and patience, who encourages his students to be the best they can be.”

                              Jen Beauparlant – Parent

                              “Master Chris has the ability to switch from a fun class for young kids to the more intense adult class that combines conditioning, striking, and self-defense for a curriculum that truly prepares you for anything.”

                                Jason Hofer – Parent & Student

                                "Master Chris is amazing. He is so patient and dedicated to his students. My son has been training for over a year and the progress is amazing. Most notable is his dedication, focus and determination. This has made significant impacts in the rest of his life, including academics and other sports! I highly recommend Absolute to all!”

                                  Carson Guzman – Parent

                                  "Great place for kids to learn a new life-skill. Master Chris is wonderful all-around teacher in all areas. Kids are not only learning martial arts, but also discipline, focus, right attitude – thereby gaining confidence every day.”

                                    Murali N. – Parent

                                    “The leadership team is great with providing direction to kids either on a one-on-one basis or small group basis – a true example of Master Chris. He trains his team to provide the best for all students. Our 6 year old is always excited to learn new forms and respectfully earn each belt. I highly recommend Master Chris. Happy I found him over two years ago."

                                      Marisol V. – Parent

                                      "Both my kids join since they were 4. We have fantastic experience. My kids are not only getting focused, being respectable to others, but also confidence themselves. We love Master Chris’ Absolute Martial Arts!”

                                        Jennifer Kim – Parent

                                        "We love Master Chris ... We have only been coming here since Feb of this year, but my daughter has built her self-confidence and strength. She loves coming to class and Master Chris takes the time with each of his students and has the patience of a saint.”

                                          Robyn M. – Parent

                                          "My boys have been taking martial arts for three years. We just started at Absolute in December – our boys have learned so much in four months it's amazing! Master Chris is great with the kids.”

                                            Renee Heine – Parent

                                            "Master Chris is an amazing instructor. He is very good with the kids. My 7 year old son loves to go every week.”

                                              Aarti Tailor – Parent

                                              "Master Chris engages with each child to find their greatness, their confidence and their limit. He knows how to gently push each child in a way that they have a sense of accomplishment and confidence. I highly recommend Master Chris’ Absolute Martial Arts as he helped mold my son to a respectful, confident, focused child.”

                                                Cara Lenas – Parent

                                                "Master Chris made me & my daughter feel very comfortable in our classes!”

                                                  Sonya Scaglione – Parent & Student

                                                  "I am very happy that I decided to enroll my daughter here ... She has a lack of confidence and is scared, but I have noticed a significant improvement since she joined. I see how much confidence she’s gotten and she loves coming here. I can really see the excitement on her face. Master Chris is amazing and friendly to students. I highly recommend this place to everyone.”

                                                    Mom’s Mug 2 – Parent

                                                    "What a delight. Master Chris is extremely good with kids, making martial arts fun and easy to learn. It has helped improve my daughter's self-confidence, strength and coordination. She ABSOLUTELY loves it. Thanks Master Chris.”

                                                      Liuan Gof – Parent

                                                      "My 6 year old is excited to go to class every week and practices at home all week on his own, along with doing exercises almost daily. I can’t recommend Master Chris enough."

                                                        Vincent Priore – Parent

                                                        "Excellent program. My four year old was so nervous to start and now he begs to go. He respects Master Chris, has improved coordination and has gained tremendous confidence. I wish I'd signed him up sooner!”

                                                          Laura Mazza – Parent

                                                          "I had been talking about learning Krav Maga for a few years, but was having trouble finding a reputable school in the area. I gave it a shot and I'm so glad I did. The classes are physically tough, but train you to be exhausted as you would be in any fight. The self-defense skills are invaluable and Master Chris does a great job at making sure we're prepared to get home safe if we ever need to apply these skills.”

                                                            David Petracca – Student

                                                            "We came over from another program here in Wayne. What a difference ... Master Chris gives the kids confidence at the same time shows them how to be disciplined. Great program.”

                                                              Mark Stavenas – Parent

                                                              "Master Chris is an amazing teacher. He pushes his students and it helps tremendously.”

                                                                Alex Ferreira – Student

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                                                                Why Absolute Martial Arts?

                                                                Local Success

                                                                Since 2013, we’ve been proud to serve Wayne and its surrounding boros – improving lives along the way.

                                                                Increased Confidence

                                                                Beyond our skills training, students build discipline, respect, devotion and the utmost confidence.

                                                                5-STAR RATING

                                                                We consistently earn 5-star ratings from the parents of our kids & teens as well as our adult students.

                                                                VALUABLE SELF-DEFENSE

                                                                If an unavoidable conflict arises, shouldn’t your family be ready to protect itself at all cost?

                                                                COMMUNITY ATMOSPHERE

                                                                At Absolute, we welcome all comers with a supportive, tight-knit community atmosphere.

                                                                FUNCTIONAL FITNESS

                                                                Reach beyond the gym to develop skills that will transfer into – and could someday save – your life!