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Real-World Skills for the Full Range of Real-World People

No matter your age, size, fitness level, etc., you’ll find a welcoming community spirit at Absolute Martial Arts. We recognize that everyone has different limits and we’re adept at challenging each individual to be their best in a reasonable and realistic way.

Those who embrace the Absolute Martial Arts adult program are soon transformed into the best physical and mental shape of their lives. Our classes operate as teams composed of training partners, not opponents. You’re always training with someone – not against them. The “winning” happens when we work together to improve each member’s skills and strengths, putting ourselves in a position to be safe and successful outside of class.

Let’s face it – the world’s a dangerous place … Each new headline is just ANOTHER reason why you should have a basic set of tools and techniques for defending yourself and your family when an unavoidable conflict finds you.
Let Absolute Martial Arts develop the skills that today’s world demands.

Let Absolute Martial Arts develop the skills that today’s world demands – while having FUN, forging new relationships and improving your life!

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How You Will Benefit from Absolute Martial Arts

Punches & Kicks – and So Much More

Martial arts is not just the discipline of self-defense and hand-to-hand combat. It’s a personal development system that we use to help improve your life. Hundreds of adult students here in Wayne and the surrounding boros have been amazed by the incredible transformation they’ve experienced through Absolute Martial Arts training.

Have Fun While Developing Skills, Strength & Confidence

While Absolute Martial Arts is the ultimate training ground for people of all backgrounds, it’s also a fun, friendly environment. Our classes strike the perfect balance between pushing your individual limits and keeping you comfortable with the effort you’re putting in. You’ll improve yourself – and enjoy doing it!

Work Out in a Way that Works in Life

When your family faces an attack, are you going to bench press it?!?! Avoid or enhance your time in the gym with exercise that teaches your mind and spirit while training your body. When you work out with an Absolute purpose, you’ll perform better, feel better, be better – and be safer … and all you have to do is get started!

Why Absolute Martial Arts?

Local Success

Since 2013, we’ve been proud to serve Wayne and its surrounding boros – improving lives along the way.

Increased Confidence

Beyond our skills training, students build discipline, respect, devotion and the utmost confidence.


We consistently earn 5-star ratings from the parents of our kids & teens as well as our adult students.


If an unavoidable conflict arises, shouldn’t your family be ready to protect itself at all cost?


At Absolute, we welcome all comers with a supportive, tight-knit community atmosphere.


Reach beyond the gym to develop skills that will transfer into – and could someday save – your life!

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